Summer Special: Papa Secos made by Young Mother's at The Meriton

We're gearing up for the Summer Supper Club Special on the 7th of July, which will feature a locally sourced Portuguese inspired menu, including these traditional 'Papo Secos'; gorgeous, white, crusty rolls made the wonderful young mothers I work with at The Meriton Centre for Education and Support for Young Parents.

Traditionally, these little beauties are used to make sandwiches, dip in olive oil and to mop up stews; at the supper club they will take their place beside the fava bean and chorizo medley to soak up all the rich goodness of the casserole. 

While the kids were in the the nursery and lessons had finished, the girls and I practiced creating the distinct shape of these famous crusty rolls; followed by a communal feast with some gorgeous butter from Ivy House Farm. We all stood round scoffing these amazingly crusty-yet-soft rolls with lashing of butter, chatting about food and laughing. Heaven! 

Here you can see one of the girls perfectly creating the distinct 'lip' shape that is unique to these traditional crusty delights. 

To come to sample the girls amazing handy work on the 7th of July, book your tickets now